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Advance beyond reactive security measures and embrace a future of strategic, proactive defense and prevention with our award-winning, AI-enabled Corporate Security Software.

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See everything, miss nothing. Get unparalleled oversight and risk reduction with enhanced visibility into security operations to reduce exposure to unseen risks.

Incident Management

Improve data capture, increase operational efficiency, and generate actionable insights, so you can stop chasing incidents and start getting ahead of them.

Investigations & Case Management

Find critical links between your investigations and the incidents you track to ensure end-to-end management of your organization’s security risks.

Security Risk Management

Reduce the frequency and severity of incidents by analyzing risk and threat data holistically. Easily prioritize actions and investments to create a mature Enterprise Security Risk Management approach that drives better outcomes.

Command Center Management

Increase the situational awareness of corporate security teams with our Command Center Software. Synthesize event detection, response coordination, and security dispatch and guard team communication in a singular, user-friendly interface.

Threat Protection

Get ahead of threats and prevent incidents with our powerful combination of market-leading Threat Protection Software and expert threat management services. Harness the power of data and intelligence to build proactive strategies for a smarter response to threats.

“No matter how many people input data into Resolver, it’s reportable right up to senior management. Ultimately, Resolver gives us the capability to make better decisions about our security operations and to be more proactive in our approach to incident reduction. It’s just the full package.”

Kim Hodgkin
Manager, Security Administration
Delta Air Lines

Improve Your Incident Response with AI-Enhanced Triage

Resolver’s AI Triage streamlines your incident response, reducing the chance of unreported incidents by 30%. Discover a smarter, data-driven process to bolster security efficiency.

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