Protect What Matters

Transform your security department to be proactive and preventative with Resolver’s AI-Enabled Corporate Security Software.

Incident Management

Protect your organization and prove your security team's value with Resolver's Incident Management application. Improve data capture, increase operational efficiency, and generate actionable insights, so you can stop chasing incidents and start getting ahead of them.

Investigations & Case Management

Resolver’s powerful Investigations & Case Management Software gives your team the complete picture to find the links between your investigations and the incidents you track to ensure proper management of your organization’s security risks.

Enterprise Security Risk Management

Equip your teams with the tools to perform risk profiling against their key locations and assets. Manage risk proactively to prevent incidents from occurring and reduce the impact of incidents when they occur.

Command Center Management

Increase the situational awareness of corporate security teams by bringing event identification, response management, and officer and dispatcher communication together into one centralized application.

Connect with over 100 Integrations

No more double entry. Seamlessly connect Resolver to your critical systems to automate processes and improve data quality.