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From intuitive data capture forms to easy-to-read reports, customers use Resolver’s platform to streamline their corporate security, IT, risk and compliance processes and make informed business decisions every day.

Working with us

You're on your way!

Congratulations, you’ve already taken the first and most important step in evolving your business: acknowledging that perceiving risk as an administrative task limits your organization's ability to unlock valuable intel. Equip your associates with a single dashboard to better manage incidents, vendors, audits and more.

Two avenues to modernize your risk toolkit


Learn what our Risk Intelligence platform – currently deployed across hundreds of businesses worldwide – can do for you. Our platform is built based on leading industry practices that can be easily personalized to meet your needs.

1. Initiate

We’ll review the platform together and targeted personalization will allow you to modify select settings to meet your needs and goals.

2. Train

Resolver’s intuitive platform will make you a star trainer. Our "train the trainer" approach will prepare you to enable the rest of your org.

3. Validate

We’ll partner with you so end-users can test the platform to ensure fast and easy adoption.

4. Go Live

Reap the benefits of frictionless data management and reporting from day No. 1. We'll also help with the change management that comes with new tech.

5. Support

Enjoy 24/7 support from our best-in-class team of Resolverites stationed across the globe to help on a moment’s notice.

You're in great hands


Our highly skilled team has deep product and domain knowledge to guide customers through any challenges and achieve their business objectives.


We offer a seamless, consistent and fast service from consultation through to delivery and ongoing support.


We provide a host of self-service tools and resources to equip end-users with everything they need to succeed. Our product team regularly highlights recurring issues/questions for continuing education and to help drive improvement.


Learning about and understanding our customers' business and challenges enables us to deliver solutions that fit. We also get that new tools aren’t easy. That’s why we’re committed to guiding our customers every step of the way.

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Customer Satisfaction Rating

“Resolver Customer Support have proven time and time again to be an excellent partner. With their round the clock coverage, actual response time to issues raised is usually measured in minutes! They have a knowledgeable and stable team that understands not just the general Resolver platform, but also the unique configuration of our specific implementation. They have an excellent follow-up system as well which ensures that no issues slip through the cracks. The Resolver Support Team play a very important role in keeping our system running and available at all times.”

Kenneth Bohnert, Senior Investigations Operations Manager

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See risk across the business

"We're embedding risk management into decision-making processes because we can include our risk appetite statements right into the system. We have a holistic view of our risk profile that has improved transparency and accountability, and we can quickly identify and manage issues more proactively." Chase Clelland, VP of Enterprise Risk

Keep risk running smoothly

“The adoption of Resolver was painless. The users realized very quickly that it was not like other complex systems, the self-explanatory data-driven forms reduced the training time to just two hours,