Resolver Trust

Trust is the foundation of every relationship


Our security program defines the control environment, personnel policies, risk assessment, communication, and monitoring of infrastructure, data, software and data. We have well defined vulnerability reporting and incident management programs. After all, Incident Management is one of our specialties!

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You own your data, but you entrust us to protect it. We take privacy very seriously. Our Privacy Policy describes the information we collect about you, what we use it for and where we share it. It also describes the information we collect in our software products and our shared responsibility to manage it.


We have an established Trust Program, but you want external validation. We understand. We validate our program annually with a third party audit to ensure we adhere to the highest standards. The third party will test our operations, procedures, policies and controls to independently validate they are designed and operating effectively.

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Uptime matters — A LOT! We support your mission critical business processes. If our services are not available, you can’t use them. We’ve built our products on a great technical architecture incorporating redundancy and high availability. We stress test our products to find and address points of failure and monitor every aspect to ensure peak performance. We also publish our Services Availability in real time and historically.


We are a completely transparent company and believe in sharing our policies and procedures to help you understand how we operate and protect your information.

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Our technical infrastructure and product architecture are designed to meet your expectations for security, reliability, confidentiality and integrity.

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We know quality is very important so we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our Quality Assurance Team follows a rigorous process to ensure we ship products that work correctly.

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Have questions about our Information Security Program? While all the information can be found within these pages, we’ve highlighted the most frequently asked questions. We’ll also draw your attention to our Cloud Security Alliance STAR questionnaires for Resolver Core and Perspective. These documents contain the answers to 300 commonly asked InfoSec questions and should address any questions about our program.

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