IT Compliance

Gain end-to-end IT compliance against multiple frameworks with minimum effort through Resolver’s no-code software solution.

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The Smoothest Path to IT Compliance


Certification Planning

Eliminate the guesswork from certification planning with one-click uploads of common regulatory frameworks such as SOC 2, NIST 800-53, and GLBA.

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Shared Controls

Avoid repeating the same tests. Resolver’s IT Compliance software identifies and applies common controls to all relevant IT frameworks, dramatically reducing the time and costs it takes to achieve multiple certifications.

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Workflow Management

Avoid back-and-forth emails and scattered spreadsheets. Improve the speed and efficiency of evidence collection with automated workflows, reminders, and notifications. Eliminate confusion with individual views for control owners.

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Auditor-Ready Reports

Save weeks on manually formatting reports. Create reports embedded into our platform with all the required documentation, ready for external auditors’ approval, in one click.

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Intuitive Dashboards

Get a bird’s eye view of your IT compliance management efforts. Insightful and interactive dashboard insights help security leaders drive valuable discussions around resource allocation. Summarize progress, highlight gaps, and provide recommendations on controls and mitigation. Show value to the business with high-level reports that measurably demonstrate impact.

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Stay in Control and Confidently Give The Green Light.

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IT Security Certifications Supported by Resolver


NIST 800-53




Whatever your needs, Resolver has a solution.

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